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Friday, April 30, 2004

"Lesbian from Venus, Gay from Mar!"

There is a saying that "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mar". Then, what in hell, are they doing in Earth. Women complain too much that men didn"t pay attention to them or understand them and so do men, so why bother, since both come from different planet. Men too are another species where, they pay too much attention in women with fewer cloths on but pay no attention when the women wear too much cloth but expect them to wear more cloths to avoid other men from sticking in their ass. Women, who say "men are the scum on the earth", complaint that man didn't appreciate them but hate it, when men lie to them to show their appreciation. Earth, which is in-between of Venus and Mar, would likely to be the battlefield that fills will survivor of men and women. Speaking of survive, men wanted to expand their horizon and somehow expand till Earth. Since there weren't any species to do their dirty work, so eventually they discover that Venus fill with slave which is the potential worker. As time pass by, like any slavery, they fight for their own independent. Ancient time, capuera dance was introduce by slave to practice their self-defense where else women, practice their art of seduction. Eventually, now women are evolving and fighting for their rights in the society. But what question me and keep me wondering, that if men and women really come from Mar and Venus respectively, then it would seem that men and women are originally gay and somehow ended on earth with spinning head which eventually lead them to sexually confuse between breast and cuckoo and begin the new dawn of battle of the sexes. Hmmm! So, no wonder men and women are on earth. I couldn't help but wonder (Again), are gay and lesbian just migrating to Earth from their own planet then (HEHE). Might have the possibility. Then, it wouldn't be "Women from Venus, Men from Mar" anymore; it should be "Lesbian from Venus, Gay from Mar!"


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Nice one !!

I liked it.

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