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Monday, April 26, 2004

Gigollo with nice Prada wear!!!

Have you ever had the feeling where you don’t really belong anywhere? I wake up and all I wanted to do is just to get out of the house and be somewhere else. I don’t know, maybe the place that I’m staying doesn’t have a word “home” on it and the worst part is that, living in a place where nobody except for who you are. Every time, I walked out of my house, it would seem that everywhere, everybody is familiar and the same old boring question keep being raise over and over again (*Typical and Pathetic). Seriously! They always start with “Hey, how are you! What you do now? Where is the rest of the gang? Where is your girlfriend?” Common! We just meet yesterday and you ask me the same question again (How ignorant can they be?). The sad part is, the question “where is the rest of the gang?” is always seem to bother me. Not that I care much about it because they all suck big time, but the part that it is so cliché of them to assume that I have all the time in the world to stuck in just one pathetic group. Common, we already hit our maturity stage and we are working now, we have our own life now and yes, it would be good if once in a while we do contact but I like to think as “yes, we were friend before, thing doesn’t turn out, so good bye and move on with our own life without pissing each other ass”. I don’t know, maybe I am been too harsh, because I doesn’t like them one bit (Hehe). Anyway, living in a place with the people that you don’t like isn’t a good idea at all and why do I stuck there at the first place. It is sad to see that the people that once are your own friend actually have a single perception or a motive from the start. Anyway, every morning, I wake up like I had eaten 10 rotten egg but walking out of my house wearing, Prada or Armani which eventually giving people the misconception of me being a trash. Seriously, if you live in a trashy trailer (which my house look like one) and come out with fancy cloths, people might think you are part time gigolo over night or part time stripper. But then again, if I own Prada or Armani, why do I have to live in a trailer. Anyway, my work is going to transfer me to other place (*just for temporary period), so it is a good opportunity for me to move out A.S.A.P. Maybe living a place where people might appreciate Prada for a change and also feel good walking outside without people actually knowing you. So what are we waiting for…LETS PACK!!!


Anonymous jess said...

lol :) whats wrong with being a stripper? they have nice clothes!

3:32 PM  

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