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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Finally..being confirm!!!

It all started from just plain, orange juice which eventually move on to beer, follow up by whisky, frozen margarita, long island tea, vodka, Bloody Mary, sex in the beach, tequila, and finally a spinning head. That night, our company has a private party in a very private exclusive club bar kind-of-a-thing and if you were to ask me what is the function is all about. I can officially tell you that “I have no idea”. But that night, my boss did announce that they want to hire us for good and all the worrying all this while was finally gone. I’ve been confirm. It was a very good night plus all the free alcoholic drink. Today, I step into my office thinking that, I’m a programmer now, instead of the title “Trainee” programmer. I walk up to my desk and as usual, I switch on my PC and later for the whole day, boringness just struck me and also my colleague. Some were bored because of nothing to do because the project is over, some were bored of testing the same thing over and over again and some bored for some no reason. So I couldn’t help but wonder, are we actually safe to consider ourselves being confirm or not? If the bosses are to see what we actually do, what will he do instead? Not only that, I have a long friendly talk with my HR manager and as interesting as she could be, the other couldn’t see that or afraid to see it. How will a superior act in order to let other feel ease with them but on the same time, strict with them? Just one simple word, “Superior” and we let this word to clouded our mind or let it frighten us to be with this superior species. So whose fault was it? Was it the unwillingness of both sides to start a conversation or simply the “Superior” excuse? On the other hand, my supervisor was talking how proud he is with all our performance and says that I have nothing to fear but grab hold of this opportunity to learn and grow. He also did say that, I did make a huge contribution toward this project and everybody know it, but how come I am the only one that feel that I’m not given enough credit for what I have done. If I were that huge, why wasn’t my name printed on the list on, who did what and whichever we did. Okay, I should be happy about my confirmation but how come I couldn’t be happy about it. I taught I was happy that night or was it the whisky, or the tequila. I wonder…


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