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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Bottle and Name!!!

This morning I woke up and I saw the bottle. I was barely able to get myself into reality but the bottle which was hiding under my computer table all this while, flashes my past history right in front of me and how it scare the hell out of me. It was no big deal but seeing the bottle there and some other stuff that I own really make me think, some of my bad memories. I knew that I still couldn’t let go of it but that instance, I get off from my bed and start throwing things out especially the bottle. That afternoon, although I didn’t finish cleaning up, I went out shopping with some of my friends and an excuse just to get out of it. We were out hunting for network card (because, my network card blew up and I couldn’t online for 2 days) and hand phone (because, my friend accidentally drop her phone in a pail full of water). We all went to every shop and do some research and so-called interviewed some people and bargain like a bunch of aunties in a market to get cheap stuff and some of my brain cell exploded because my friend wasn’t sure which model to buy. As we all were walking, suddenly my favorite song came out-loud. It was Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and I notice there are many people gathered at one spot. I was like so totally crazy thinking that Beyonce is actually here but instead I saw 3 crappies dancing on the stage. It was an opening for this “V” magazine and I can tell you for sure that, it was no opening; it was definitely the closing business for the “V” magazine. Come on, at least bring up some good performance, instead they put some 3 stooges on stage and make the fool out of themselves. Sadly enough, they end it with break dance which eventually breaks the crowd. Anyway, we left the scene which a huge laugh and eventually the dance make up my friend’s mind which hand phone to buy (*FINALLY). Later that night, I was suppose to meet up with my another friend to go to this newly opened and happening disco but I pass, cause that afternoon I have spend over 300 buck and my wallet is running dry and pleading for help. So be a good people and donate to frappucinno’s fund and you will save a boy (Ignore me). Anyway, I did go out but not to disco but meet up with my other friend for some supper. Eventually, I didn’t like the place. It fill up with bunch of college kids species which shout “GOAL” whenever the people in the magic box kick a ball into a net (*Weirdo). Aside from the weirdo, I was having a good time talking to my friends but later, another friend came up to us and start talking and he purposely brought a name which ruined my whole day. The name was somehow connected to the bottle which eventually reminded me that I still haven’t clean up my bad memories in my room. Later that night, I couldn’t stop thinking both the name and the bottle and I was panic. I even lied about something which I promise my friend not to but it have to come out. I was running out of option and I wanted to go home. Finally, I got back to my room and saw a few plastic bags contain all my bad memories. I just sit there, staring at it and I couldn’t help but wonder, I need to get away…


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