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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Bad image, New hair cut!!!

It was 5 months ago, 14th November 2003, where I had my hair dye with 3 different colors to give a little 3D effect. Today, 11 April 2004, I look into the mirror and there was no “D” effect anymore. My hair is long, uneven at the behind and it started to bug me. I wanted to keep it long, but some how, that image I saw in the mirror look likes John Lennon with a huge bad hair day. I could have ignored it, but this couple of day was unpleasant and I wanted change so badly. Later, I grab my car key and drove to “Meeko” which eventually, who did my hair last 5 month ago. I got in and the very same people attend to me and I told them, I need something new and short. They start with washing my hair first plus massage, and I just simply love it. It was like heaven or manicure for women. Anyhow, I get to know this boy (who washes my hair) namely “Jude” (of all the name) and we talked. He asks what I do for a living and I proudly answered “programmer”. It was then the conversation turn out not as pleasant as I thought. Mr. Jude-That-Wash-My-Hair said… “You must be earning good money, nowadays, doing 3 ring tones for hand phone is like big buck”. It struck me then, do I looked like those typical and pathetic people that sell pirated CDs and have no life but doing ring tones for a living. It is good enough, that I don’t look like some computer nerd but this is outrages. Anyway, I panic and later told him that I want to keep my hair clean and short minus the “something new” because I scared that he will fix something new that look like one of the pirated CDs seller with no life but do ring tones for a living. Finally, I got my hair cut. Clean, short and simple. Hopefully now, (Crossing finger) that I look cleaner now. I pay 33 buck for my hair and left the shop. As I walk toward my car, there they were, the pirated CDs seller. It turn out, the Mr. Jude-That-Wash-My-Hair was wrong. I didn’t look like any of them. I was better; I’m not somebody that waste my time doing ring tones. I have a career in front of me. I am a programmer and that, what differentiate them from me.


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