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Friday, April 23, 2004

ASP + Mozilla + FireFOX, + Javascript = *HEADACHE*

Last four day was totally hectic for me, I couldn’t even do other of my personal stuff but just work and I mean eat, sleep, toilet and etc. were most of the time thinking about work. Not that I fancy working but, I just couldn’t solve the ASP problem that I have been assign to, for the past few day and my mind just keep wondering how to solve the thing. Toward my supervisor and my project manager disappointment, I was expected to finish last three day ago, so that other task could move on and till today, I still couldn’t solve it. I mean, I am so stupid and sometimes, I think that “Am I suitable to become a programmer!” I look at my other colleague and they can solve any problem within a second and they could immediately trace where the source of the problem is and construct it accordingly. Where else for me, I have what-so-no-idea what the thing is and I am seriously ashamed of calling myself a programmer. What is more frustrating is that people are actually voicing up concern (Not that I am mind off) and start saying how serious I am about the work. I mean no offense, but does that mean that previously, I wasn’t serious about my work. I was so booked with this problem and now I have to entertain with my usual stupid childish act to prove that I’m okay (Common PEOPLE, Gimme a break!). It might sound a little bit harsh of me to say so, but if one or twice is fine with me but do they have to say every 2 hour for the last four day. Anyway, can’t be bother by it now because my brain going to explode soon, if I continue. Now, I have downloaded “Mozilla Firefox” which recommended by my friend because my IE F**K up. Previously, I used “Mozilla” but it somehow couldn’t load all the JavaScript that I wrote for my personal website (*Wonder why?). So, I taught that this “Firefox” might solve the problem, but it didn’t (*Bummer). Another 15 minute to midnight, so I better off designing my website and head to bed soon. By the way, I have redesigned my website (, so enjoy it. It is half done, but do enjoy it. Cheer!!!


Anonymous jess said...

its better to be struggling over ASP than to be doing repetitive boring brainless 'work' isn't it? you don't need to act playful for people just because they're expecting it from you or just to make them know that you're still normal. they'll get used to it (even if we miss it).

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Leet Surfer Man said...

Hi ya
Kinda of a strange question, but what exactlly is this here blog about.
I dont want to sound rude (I am not trying to be) is there a certian
direction or motivation for your blog?

8:42 AM  

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