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Monday, March 22, 2004

The Power of GOOD-LOOK!!!!

It all started from Adam and Eve, and then come along all different sizes of men and women. There are skinny, fat, fit, sexy, bulky, and many other type of shape that you can possibly imagine of. However, what intrigue me was, when I heard that skinny guy find it hard to get girlfriends. So, what do women actually look in a man, or vice versa? I have a very good looking guy friend and also talented but most girls claim that he is insecure just because he is skinny and short. How about fat people like me, girl just simply hate big-fat blob because we are simply not that good looking. Are we men, have to be a CK model or even Brad Pitt just to get a girl then. How about women? Some men fall for beautiful women only or worst, a model obsession. If all this case were true, then where do all just mere normal people go, if all the model or beautiful people grad holds of everything? Then again, where does inner-beauty goes if everyone’s believe nowadays are base on “outer-beauty”. People say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but what is all this fuss about “Making a good first impression” lies. Are looks that important? From where I see, good-look takes all and not-look-good easily fall for or seduce by good-look. Come back to the point, what do people actually see in one another, or what are we all seeking for? Love, Stability, Good-Looks, Money, Great Sex Life or plain one-night-stand?


Anonymous jess said...

I think its unfortunate but true that good looks matter at least a little bit to most people. But there are other things that most people would rank more important that good looks, like a good sense of humour, a friendly smile, easy to talk to and get along with... these things I believe can make people look even more beautiful than they already are. First impressions are useful in some cases to start conversations. If you look good, it helps like guys might be more likely to approach you first, but if you're unfriendly, people won't talk to you for very long. As for the last question, how about all of the above? ;)

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