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Sunday, March 07, 2004

A night to remember!!!

Unlike any Saturday night, where I would usually sit at home and my eye will stick on the monitor screen and my finger will start tapping on my keyboard, I was getting ready to go to a barbeque party. Button up my blue jeans-shirt with a light khakis pant, my mind was preoccupied with question “How am I going to survive tonight party?” Mind feeling with doubt and a kind of lost in time and didn’t realize that my date was waiting for me outside. I rush out and when I saw her, standing as funky as she could be, the entire question in my mind were wipe away that instance. We reach the party around 8 and when I first step into the house, I was awe with the house and the beautiful garden and how the place just light up to the occasion. My experience with every barbeque party was terrible but this was different. It is like I’m in a movie, the music, the light, the table covered with red cloth, a small barbeque stove with lots of good food and fill with great people. My friend greets us with wide open arm. I feel bad that I didn’t help much but he was a very good guy. Pretty occupy with preparing food, but he still makes sure that we all feel at home. I was scare at first, because I didn’t know either of his friends but they all come up to us and with a simple hand shake, a new friendship is created. The whole night was a magical moment, everybody was comfortable, and the food is simply irresistible, music just hit in with different mood and the air fill with laughter. Not only that, I met an Australian girl and a Germany girl. Both of them are beautiful, and funny. They crack me up, making me laugh and tell me their experience traveling and some other great stuff. The other is funny and never fails to make me laugh. The girls are sexy, sweet and beautiful and the guys are cool, charming and they make a really good joke. The food was fantastic, and this is courtesy of my friend’s girlfriend. I like especially the chilly meat-ball. The party ends with a great chocolate porcupine cake although it looks very sweaty when the knife came….hahaha… After that, we went to pub; the music is mostly techno, in-house music, so it is really hard to dance toward it because I’m more familiar with R&B music. But the place look damn cool, it was decorate with ancient statue from Thailand and Cambodia. The floor is like a bridge with pond and fishes inside (Although I pity the fish). The whole place brought up a different atmosphere. Everyone drinks vodka and enjoy themselves chatting and some dance. I reach home to my bed around 4.30am. I lie there and think that was a great party and night out. Mostly the party I went to, I go back with dissatisfaction and I didn’t know half of the people there but this is different, at least I know their names and I luv them. There is no word that I can really describe it, but all I can say, for a very long time, I never felt happy until yesterday night.


Anonymous jess said...

oh yeah i just remembered i still owe him a drink. i had fun too!! =)

3:27 PM  

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