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Monday, March 22, 2004

NIght, Heat and ....

Once upon a time, where night out, partying, disco, lights, peoples, loud “BOOM! BOOM! Sound just concurred it all. It feels like when the moon is set free, it unleash the gate of hell and fire is widely spread into everybody soul and everybody just go wild and the heat that drove everyone crazy. I was that people. Still I am in the stage where responsibilities are place upon my hand, yet deep down, I still crave for it and let loose whenever I want. Today, one of my ex-colleagues came and joins me and the rest for lunch and she told me that “My appearance might look young, but deep down; MY body is OLD”. Toward certain extend, do people reach a stage where the body is too old, and other responsibilities drop out of no-where, without expected and hit us what the real world really is. I might pretend that I’m still in the college period where party is all what really matter and there are no worries. But then again, my college years was a big flop, and I don’t want to talk about it or have I miss out the one thing I miss out during my childhood and teenager life that I start making up for it now. Speaking of missing out, I might be 22 years old, but does my body can handle the heat and excitement those youngster have right now? I been to party, seeing people party, dancing, shouting, screaming, shake their booties and other wild stuff and I end up feeling like a piece of shit the next morning (or should I say “afternoon”) and went on with my so-called pathetic life where career is at stake and job waiting to be done. Anyhow, when the moon start shining down, I feel like a hungry Dracula. Hunger for excitement…….


Anonymous jess said...

Dude you're not that old! There are people in their late 20s (or older) still partying hard, and there's nothing wrong with that if you work efficiently and responsibly as well. It's good to stay mentally young, and I guess even if you think you had a 'deprived' childhood (like what I think sometimes as well about myself) no point regretting it right, just live it up now! :)

3:27 PM  

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