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Friday, March 05, 2004

Money isn't everything!!!

If people were given a choice to choose, what will that be? From where I clearly see now, is that most people that I know of, is “Chasing for money”. What have become of the world nowadays where people are so tight-up with “money” and all the stupid excuse that I frequently get is “You are rich; You don’t know the meaning of being poor!”. Are they right? Are this stupid excuses accepted whereby, I’m working and get paid similar like them. Unlike them, I’m still in the beginning road to actually learning to be success and to me, money is important to help me reach my goal. However, money is still not as important when it come to doing some thing that we actually love and excel in it. To some extend, money is not something that we should be prioritize that until it blind us from our road to success. Some of my typical friends actually get paid higher than me and still complaining that it is not enough and she just waste her time there doing something that she hated and complain every single day. Some friend, do what their parent wanted them to do, although the pay is not too high, but still they rely on their parent and let’s called them “daring” to actually criticize other people. I don’t know, from my point of view, is it worth-it doing something we don’t like? and when it actually hits you that “This is not I want”, what then? How many days, month or even years are we going to waste until we actually come to our senses? Is it too late to change by then? Speaking of survivor, “money” hit every part of it but still, all of us are unique and we all have abilities, and we need to explore it and to actually learn how to fall and to get up again. In success, there is no way that we all will succeed, if we all are not willingly to go beyond it and just rely on your monthly income to help you get through your every life and also blaming other for their success and didn’t do anything about themselves.


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