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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Farewell...Dear Friends!!!

At work, around 12pm, the Human Recourse Manager walks into the room and says “Its time!” Although I can sense some sadness in everyone as we all went to 9th floor but all of them is trying their best not to show it. I walk toward the rest room and I saw them. Two lovely people in my company which I care is trying their best to smile and trying their best to make everybody laugh. I look at them and I see the past. I still remember that when I first step into this company, feeling scare, they just simply make me laugh. They would buy lots of cookies and chocolate and they will always call me up to treat me some. They will always make fun of my supervisor simply because he is a foreigner. With them, there will be always laughter in the air. Today, I couldn’t laugh. All I can think of is that life is so unfair. The moment that when you are close with someone, that someone is being grab away from you. That two people is like a big sister to me and today, happen to be their last day working in the company. The farewell party is about to start and my HR manager ask me to give a speech but I couldn’t. I scare that I will cry halfway giving a stupid lousy speech. Everybody was disappointed. The party started and we all have a good time gathering, talking and the food was fantastic. After 2 hour, we all went back to our own desk and start working. By the end of the day, both of them came down and hug all of us and say goodbye. Later that evening, I went to 9th floor ad I see emptiness in their desk and think that there will be a different in the working environment now. Previously, I couldn’t open my mouth to make that speech, but later before they were gone, I say…

Although fate have pull us apart, But our memory will remind us the happiness we shared, Although time is short, But you have impact all of our life, How can we ever thank you for being such a wonderful friend, There is no other reason I can think of, But to say that, you are the best gift we could ever have, Farewell, but not goodbye, And all I can ever wish for you is… For you to be happy, Always…


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