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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Whenever or wherever I go, it always comes to the part that I’m scare of having a bad review. Trust me!!! Being a Big, Giant, Lumpy fat person doesn’t help in any good first impression. Anyway, when it comes to any review about me, I’m gladly to hear or excited in any other way. Typical as it sound, I simply know what my review will be trough their face without even needed them to speak but a little confirmation wouldn’t hurt a bit. But then again, I’m assuming too much. Am I? Well, we all can’t expect people to like us, some might get good review and some might not. But how come, it seem that of all the review, why am I so tight up with all the negative and bad review. Some review are good simply because that particular person know you, but how about the people that doesn’t really know you and start giving bad review without even considerate anything. The scary part is when the bad review really hits you that you are really that bad. Then again, why am I complaining too much about it, where else the most bad review that I’m worry of are my own review about myself. Being not able to accept myself the way I am and thinking too much about other’s review. For example, at work, everybody is worry of getting review from the top management and everybody is trying their best and doing so perfectly and they all are nice people. For me, being a total unproductively, and yet making too much noise, and fooling around, I think my review will be worst in any company’s history record. This pass few days was like totally “pain in the ass” and so damn stressful. I was given a chance to prove myself worthy of something, but in the end, I wish I had never taken that opportunity. Most probably is because, I was afraid of getting a bad review. Somehow, the thing get screw up and it brought so many tension, rumor and conflict in the working environment, where I just wish it will simply go away. Maybe this is just a typical working environment, but I never expect people to take it as a “competition” in a way. It is worst that I have to face this problem and hopefully (“cross finger”) that I would not effect on my reviews. Speaking of problem, it is enough to actually have this problem, but it seem like it is getting out of hand, where people are actually coming in to not help out, but making thing worst than it is already are. URRGHH……Just hate it, but then, I’m crossing my finger again that what happen is not what I think it was. SOMEBODY SLAP ME!!! To think of it, getting review are not as bad as it seem, we all can’t please everybody anyway. Sadly, mostly people didn’t realize that, getting bad review is not mainly what other will think of you, but what we think of our self. So give yourself a little credit. You definitely hate it being in my shoe. Trust ME!!!


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