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Saturday, March 27, 2004

3 lousy days!!!

Have you ever waked up from your bed and think that you wake up at the wrong world? I do. This pass few days were like HELL and I mean it. Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw might have some issue on men or relationship but I have issue with the world. Not to mention, emotionally broke down, head migraine, vomiting non-stop, sick, being double-cross, back-stab, high level of stress and blood-pressure, being accuse of something which I never did, car accident, and a whole lots more and it happen within just three fucking day (excuse moi). Did I mention about the weather? The heat from the sun, just shoot straight down to earth and nothing in between blocking it. We are exposing to it blindly, and it is killing me. Aside from the vomiting, which causes my lung to swollen and the heat is making it dry and painful, my lips is breaking and worst come to worst, newspaper announce that no water the whole day in my area. Seriously, when this madness going to end. Ok, some other people life are worst than mine and mine is like nothing compares to theirs, so in other way, I should be grateful. But still, I just hate it, I’m thinking, when will this world be making senses again? Anyway, pointless to think about it now, to avoid any more bad karma, better stay at home. I’m cleaning my PC now. Come to realize it, my PC too, is a mess, but it hold the past of me. Some good and some bad memories. I’m tired of looking into my past again and start weeping over it. It is time to delete it out of my hard disk and start putting in more new good stuff….any recommendation?


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