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Friday, February 20, 2004


I open my eye into a brand new day. It been a while that the sun have chance to prick my eye and listen to the sweet singing of canary bird instead of the rooster’s crowing and ringing bell courtesy of the primary school which happen to be outside of my window. However, minus the entire wonderful thing that welcomes my awake, I was kind of upset. The moment I open my eye, the first thing that came to my thought is the word that I fear off… “Weekend”. Call me crazy because everyone can’t seem to wait for these days to come after all the hard work they have done during the weekday and my feeling is totally opposite theirs. During my work time, there is thing for me to do, a sense or a purpose in life and something I hope to achieve in my career. Where else in weekend, instead of me relaxing or go out with friends, I can’t seem to wait for “Monday” to come so I could work again. I’m not workaholic and the task that I handle during my work time is minor stuff. Actually, I don’t have any chance to touch any major stuff because, first, I’m the clown in my company, so nobody take me seriously, second, I’m lousy in programming, so nobody actually trusted me in doing any modules and lastly, I always get blame if the project doesn’t work and I didn’t even touch that module yet. Some work life huh. Well at least better than my silence weekend. I have plans, my friends ask me out and there is so much I can really do but I don’t know why my heart want to stuck in the room. Well…too bad for me…then...


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