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Friday, February 13, 2004

Simple Mind!!!

It was like normal typical day, where at some part, I felt like I’m running in a circle and I just keep continuing. Not that I’m complaining, but the way I see it, it lead to nowhere. Unlike some people who have dreams and actually work their ass-off so that they can buy what they need and sadly, I don’t. Nowadays, I keep hearing my friend wanted to buy cars, house, owning a credit cards, etc. and then come the loan, money problem, planning and everything seem like a ‘hot topic’ these day or have I outdated myself or have my so-called-friend reach a point where “happening stuff” is too young and bold until they are to old to handle it anymore. Unlike them, I was a bit fortunate to actually owning all the stuff that they dream off and without even have to put any effort in it but do that make me any lesser than them. To them, I can sense a little bit of jealousy but who are them to judge me. So, I have reached that part, what’s next? It has come to my senses that there is more to life than meet the eye. To me, I didn’t see my self as most of friend is where dream is all that matter. There are so many things in this world and I barely scratch the surface of knowledge itself and I would be a fool if I let other people holding me back just because of what they think less of me. I wont used the term “achieving my dream” which my so-called-friend claim it but doing nothing to achieve it. I like to use a simpler term, where “I learning now, to build a better future for me and those I hold dear to me”. Yeah, maybe I’m still a virgin in this “working life” but hey, it been 3 month since I start and I’m still survive...Hehe


Anonymous jess said...

You know, I think your writing gets better all the time. yeah. One of the things I hate most are people who judge not based on who you are as a person but what you have, who you know and all that. Also, to some people whatever action you take will be wrong and criticized. You can't please everyone, at least you can please yourself, in the end you have to do what you want because its your life and no one else's. Happy third month anniversary working. =P

3:21 PM  

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