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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Shame on you!!!

In my last weblog article on 27th Feb, 2004, in my comment, people claim that " It's weird how the brain tries to classify people and things into predefined groups" and "VB programmers wear kakis, sandals and cheap shirts they got from devcon,Java programmers wear loose painters pants and etc and so on. However, are those claims true? Yes, as a programmer or what-so-ever IT profession you yourself involve into doesn't really need dress up accordingly but do this give you the right to wear as what you wanted in any sort of company which by the way have "Dress Code". J.C Larry might be saying the truth but is "Anonymous" be so inmature to actually post up this article by J.C Larry which has what-so-no-connection to this entire case. Yes it is true that all sales people have to dress-up nicely to impress customer and I agree that most programmer are into just plain jeans and T-Shirt but what give a person a right to just walk up to a company and say "I want to wear jeans and T-shirt because I am a programmer". If the company demands formal, what then, sue this company with J.C Larry's article? Well then again, before posting somebody nicely well type article, please actually don't disgrace people's article and to think that you can actually have it your way. Until you yourself open your own company and decide what your staff might wear, just look at the mirror and see that "You are not the BOSS!!" and do us a favor and not to disgrace all the programmer in the world but yourself. PS: I didn't say that wearing sandal is a crime in a company but to think that, just to prove I'm wrong in wearing JUST a tie and proving by wearing a sandal is so inmature...


Anonymous sey said...

I am begining to believe that it takes more than just brutal intelligence and severe cleverness to attain just the right amount of common sense to sane living. I guess it's alright, to be judged but ... lets not judge others so eagerly. Prudence and reservation in spicy opinions can really do more good than harm. Somebody should just stick this in somewhere where everyone can see it clearly.

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