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Friday, February 27, 2004

Dress the Part!!!!

In the world of corporate, when it comes to men and women to play their role in “Dress the Part”, women initially have been given the privileges to be stylist. Common lets face it, women can wear either pants or skirt, high heels, T-shirt, plain anything and they still consider formal. Unlike men, where there is only T-shirt, long pants, coat and ties are all the option they could get. Unlike women, where they have the option to choose either long or short skirt, men would be a total geek if he wear long-kind-of-short pants which look like somebody is wearing their junior high school pant to work. So I’m a little too much, but truthfully, as much as we “Men” want or to think that we can actually own or wear something like Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss is totally out of some of our league. But who am I kidding, I work in a software house and from where I stand, fashion is not something that most of us care of. The men just plain T-shirt and pant and worst still, some wear exactly the same combination every single day. As for the women, they seem fine in dressing up and look pleasant as possible. Although it is not entirely my business, but toward certain extend, some just wear slipper and to think that he owned the company himself (Which by-the-way, he didn’t) and darn proud of himself. Where else for me, in some special occasion, I like to dress the part, not because of showing off but simply bring out a different mood and it is funny,because last two day, our company is expecting an important guest, and as to bring good image to my own company, so I wear just plain tie and the whole company make a big deal over it. It actually hit me that, most of my own company's people actually doesn’t care about their image and also the company image. Some also ask me to take off my tie because they think it is silly and to prove me wrong, he wear slipper the next day to show our important guest. Lucky for him, nobody actually notice him except for his loud Look-At-Me-I’m-Loud impression. Anyway, that is not the point, it is sad that although we all work in an IT firm, nobody actually cares about what to wear and how we all should wear. Maybe is the non-interest in each individual but then again, it would be fun if all of us actually “Dress the part”!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's wierd how the brain tries to classify people and things into predefined groups.Our conscious minds can over-ride the stereotypes to some extent, but the subconscious mind depends on a system of categories, in order to make sense of anything. The way people dress is really a communication system, and can be studied by semioticians. Anyway, wearing sandals to work is not a crime and it's very fine in computing fields.VB programmers wear kakis, sandals and cheap shirts they got from devcon. Java programmers wear loose painters pants and have hairdoos like sideshow bob.C++ programmers wear sandals and ride bicycle to work.C programmers have pony tails and links on their hompage to EFF, freedom for Tibet petitions, and the jargon file. Web Designers wear shiny shirts and buy cars that are way too expensive. They occasionally don horn rimmed glasses and sip crappaccinos. Marketers are similiar to web designers except they have no actual skills and spend most of the day in FRIENDLY YELLING sessions on the phone. CEOs are in way over their heads and can only remain cool because they wear the same cool-suits that race car drivers and astonauts wear. Accountants drive Volkswagen Passats and leave exactly at 5:00 every day with no delays on the way to the car. Any delay will be debited from your account.Lawyers wear trenchcoats to cover up their shotguns full of whup-ass. Pray you never see one of these. QA personnel have absolutely no care what so ever about software. A data entry team member will kill you if you look at them sideways. Be careful of these people. They don't talk much but we know they all hate their jobs. and BTW, AS/400 programmers wear short button up polyester pants (before it was alternative), sandals and bifocals at work. Believe me. J.C Larry

3:23 PM  
Anonymous jess said...

I wouldn't call the freedom to wear whatever we want a 'privilege' exactly, sometimes it takes more effort than usual to decide what to wear the next day. I think the company should clarify what the dress code is because some people won't feel comfortable wearing more formal clothes while others go around in casual stuff.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Sey said...

Hey J.C Larry, I'm pretty damn sure you're not in anyway working in the IT industry, are you? I say this because you're so crappy man. I mean you talk like you have seen it all. Well ok, I will believe you if you tell me you work as janitor in the various companies with loser geeks on the payroll as code monkeys. C'mon dude, VB programmer wears anything. Jeans, t-shirts, calvins, ... watever. Java programmer mostly wear whatever that makes them feel good. I'm a java programmer and I love jeans and t-shirt. And ... whatever. I already feel stupid responding. Get a life. Stop taking people's craps as post as the famous "Anonymous". The world know who the hell you're anyway. Cheers.

3:25 PM  

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