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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Death to Sea!!!

Taking off my red shirt, I lay down naked on the beach. My body touches the very crystal white clear sand but it was like fire crawling into my skin but yet it feels simply irresistible. Blazing heat courtesy of the flaming abode of the phoenix just fly trough me. I can fell the wave coming like a million of stallion galloping toward me. Wind gifted from heaven accompany with the grand orchestra of sea shell that steal my soul away with their grand harmony. I turn my eye to the sea and I was speechless. Such state of art, so divine, so surreal. Never knew the underworld kingdom rule by Triton were so exotic and yet so deadly. I was poison by the beauty of the scene itself. I was dragged toward the sea, maybe I was voodoo by the sweet singing by the mermaids. I touch the water and how it caresses my skin, washing my sin away. I walk and never turn back and finally I knew… I'm dead and alive again and I become part of the sea...


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