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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Being Minority!!!

I was born in a place where rich culture, different race and exotic religion define the whole content of what my country really is. Not only that, with clever publicities and proper broadcasting, it announce to the whole world how beautiful our country is and how we all manage to stand together although we belong in different races. I was that proud citizen. I’m not ashamed although I was born under the minority group and I was proud of my own heritage and my own root. However, what really disappoint me was, although my country speak arrogantly how we all stand together, but in reality, I don’t see any of that. How can we all stand together if the majority gets the most of it while the minority gets nothing at all? How can we say we are one while most of us fight among ourselves? Yes, in any society, the majority get to rule but do that give them the excuse to be lazy and all they can do is to blame those minority that work hard to fit and survive in the society. To me, the place I hate the most is going to any government office. Why? Well most because most of the time, we get bad treatment. Just because of different race, we were to put into lowest priority and we have to wait although it is our turn. Moreover, the time management and the whole structure of how they handle their daily routine is such a shame thing if I were to describe in here. Although I know that I don’t have any right to criticize my own country, but at least I hope that they can really open their eye and realize that what is happen to their own country and see what is their own mistake instead of pointing finger and improve it. I'm not trying to boycot anything but i want to see some improvement and i was hoping that we all really can live together as what our country claim to be and built a better future for the next generation yet to come for any race.


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