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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Back alley of New York City!!!

Having the gift of sights that let me see so many wonderful living souls around me and how times actually let me experience so many beutiful and yet sad moment at the same time. Been claim to have the gift of having so many friends around me but still i feel lonely most of the time. Having the gift of making other people laugh and smile but tears is all i have. I picture myself walking in the back alley of new york city, nothin but just plain black and white. I have nothin but a stray cat that sing the blue in the night. Dressing up like Sherlock Holmes but my mistery and my sins still remain unsolve. How long will this alley ends, should i continue or should i stop. In this situation, should i follow my heart or used my head. Will i follow my desire and end up loosing my rasionality or should i follow what right and end up regret. Either way, i will make my choice and choice i will make down the back alley of New York City.


Anonymous Jess said...

The moon is round, bright, washing the old rundown buildings in a mysterious shade of gray. There's a light mist swirling and the air is cold, smelling of concrete mixed with a salty fresh breeze from the sea. A police siren wails in the distance but after that there is silence. The only movement from a silhouette of a lonesome figure at the street corner.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Dirty Wu said...

You hear from a distance a high pitched sound. As it gets closer it makes the hair at the back of your neck stand. At once you recognise it. The sweet sound of a spooling turbo. By its pitch u can roughly tell what turbo is it,a T88 on a RB26. You run as fast as you can to the main road, away from the alley that you grew so fond of to catch a glimpse of this beast. You were too late, all u can see is a cloud of dust and the intoxicating yet comforting smell of unburnt fuel. Disappointed you start heading back to the hell hole. PPppchiinngg!! Like a gun shot, that sound pierced your heart. Instantly you look at the direction of the sound. An orange supra and next to it a grey Nissan Skyline with the Dodge Viper's infamouse two lines decal. Its an illegal drag race. Suddenly your world has colors....

3:20 PM  

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