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Saturday, January 03, 2004

The other side of me!!!

I always got lots of review from my fren. Some say im boring, crazy, charming, nice to mix with, hate to mix with, depress king, hyperactive person but after all, who am i actually..Me myself too hav lots of review on myself too..mostly bad but do i know myself. People say i like to take charge but am i independant. People know that im a easy-goin person but do that make me a good fren. I hav been too many places, meet too many people, learn too many thing, see too many thing and expereince too many thing. As i grow up, i evolve into another person but deep down, am i still the same person or do i turn into a person who other wanted me to be and not who i want to be. Do i really know myself...why do i keep on depress and never wanted to be i reach a certain point where im too tired to actually explore the other possibility in life and except the way there are now..or am i too old to be excited anymore...


Anonymous Jess said...

You should eat more vitamin B12 (chicken, beef, tuna , cheese etc). B12 reduces depression.

3:15 PM  

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