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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Bitterness of lights!!!

It’s been 23 years since I face the world itself and I barely scratch the surface of the meaning of “life” itself. These 23 years, I venture in the dark but I came across some lights. Some light brighten my journey, some accompany me, some even guide me, but most lights are wicked than the darkness itself. There will always many and different road to choose, too much choice to consider, too scare to think what might come. So I run, closing my eye and just run and never look back and then you came along. Your light was different and I thought I was home. You have shown me so many things that the dark blinded me and you show me how beautiful the world is. For the first time, I stop running and cherish what I got. However, a person’s dark soul is always dark and I betray you. Your light fade out on me and no matter what I do, you will not shine as you should be. I want to stay but you push me away. I’m tired of running away, so don’t make me run again….I’m sorry but I don’t know how to show it cos there is no light in me to prove to you that I am…..


Anonymous Chris (Dirty Wu) said...

fuck lights, who needs lights. The only lights that you need comes in a box and will only cost you $5.40. The choices you've made might actually be the choices that are for you. You close u're eyes and till you FEEL like opening u're eyes and cheerish where u are and have been. There will always be lights, distracting and mesmerising. They distract you from seeing the real road of life. Its a straight long road. NO bends, no turns. Just lights to get you off the road and get you no where (like the Moth and the Lamp).Just keep u're eyes closed and feel your way thru it. Once youve come to the end, only then u are able to see the meaning of life with the map u've drawn. (just me 2 cents)

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