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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Time to change new shoe.....

when i woke up this morning, i felt emptiness for the first time in this 6 month...everything was so quite and it felt good. it is just like 7 month ago before i actually have roomate, but back then, i will wake up fill with exciement and i will immediately stood up and play some hip-pop song and do nothin but dancing. Today, i resurrect myself and it felt i was free. Then something else came, i met my ex-best-fren, we were havin lunch. Ending our frenship was hard enough for me, but for him, it was totally a different thing... he was insensitive.. we hang out with some of our fren today thinking that i might enjoy it and start again. But foolish of me, i was caught up wit the pass and my mood on that very instance, Gone...i didnt spoke much today...opps...excuse moi, i didnt speak at all....nobody notice. my ex-best-fren say callin me out was like forcing me wherelse he is the wan ignoring i lost myself, one of my fren say i should depress over it and suggest that i should move on and he is right but saying is easy than done. Today i learn my lesson, why should i depress over such stuff wherelse i should focus on something tat i still have beside me. it is just like, if ur shoe is bad, change sure most of us have lots of pair..just wear something that fit nicely and not wear something tat doesnt suit. So from now onward, im changing my shoe and im goin to parade and walk proudly and be as wat i am and not wat other wan me to be....and im getting a new shoe tomolo


Anonymous Jess said...

yay more clothes!

3:11 PM  

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