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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

SLAP ME!!! Im Frappuccino.....

Funny, how most typical people would predictabily act toward certain things. Take for instance, whenever a person hits the jackpot, they will probably think "IM SO DAMN FUCKIN LUCKY", but when they fell into a shit hole, "LIFE" is always to blame. To me,my life would always be "Frappuccino!"....meaning, it is always cold, shaky, full of doubt, mostly "HELL" of the time, excitement but in the end it always sweet and simple. Couldnt blame me to think such a way cos, frankly virgin toward everything...well sort off...So now tat FRAPPUCCINO is in da house and ready to FRAP-U-KNOW-Who and CCINO-U-KNOW-WAT, im gonna Rummba tru ur HELL-HOLE. So take ur pants off and SHAKE IT!!! cos in the end... "LIFE WILL ALWAYS BE DULL, ONLY IF U LET IT"


Anonymous mike said...

So, life is a registered trademark of the Starbucks corporation? Figures.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Seymour said...

Frapo, cinno, pants shaking, hoel this and hole that, hell wat? .. bang bing boom ... well that's the typical weblog afterall. :) Eh... kinda erotic with all the mentioning on hell holes, pants off, and frappocino thingy. Eeee... ;p

3:08 PM  
Anonymous jess said...


3:08 PM  

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