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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Lonely Christmas....

It was that day again, i always get restless the few day before any occasion happen. For Christmas, i will non-stp buy cloth for myself just to look good and buy presant for those close to me and plan wat will i and the gang do for the christmas eve. Yesterday night, the least expected, i didnt receive any call from the gang, i try message them but there was no return. Ends up i stay home alone. Pethetic as it sound, but at least i got a christmas presant from my roomate and his girlfren. I was happy but not as happy as i wanted to be. i open the wrapping and found two bottle of wine and a call from my roomate. He wanna check whether i like the presant or not and was surpise to find me at home and sadly i find out that the gang was celebrating the christmas without me. I try to lie to my roomate and say that i was sick and tired and i would like to stay at home. when i hang up, i just sat on my bed and was pretty down. i wish i never found out but wat can i say, truth always appear on it own when the time least expected.i didnt drink the wine, instead i just sit infront of my pc and watch "Sex and the City" series. at least i got 4 beutiful women celebrate christmas wit me. Today, yet another boring day, i dunnu wat will im goin to do or wat will i expect (i wont be expecting any call from my gang tho)...anyway..merry christmas to you all out there in the world who read my weblog and have a happy new year....


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