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Monday, December 08, 2003

Living in a lie!!!

Isnt a wonder how a person can actualy change the way u think and feel toward certain thing and how it impact your life greatly.Hav u ever felt tat bein wit them is all u can ask for and tat u will giv just about anythin just to keep them close to u.Even if they dissapoint u in so many ways and yet just a glance of their face, u will for forgive them.Hav u ever felt lonely and wish they will call u up or even message but they never did. Or have u ever felt the only fren u have is only the picture in ur photo album.Thinking how happy it was during that kodak moment although knowing that in real life, they will never smile to u or talk to u. Hav u ever felt that u have so many wonderfull thing that u wan to share with them but they didnt care.Such shame that how it turn so beautiful when both started out and turn ugly in the end. Such fool to think that i can make them happy but only sorrow to both of us.How many time do we have to say sorry for all the thing we done. Do you know how hurt it is to hear such word falling from your mouth. I may be naive,and stupid but i still can see what you have been tru. The boat we're on is sinking and yet we lie ourself to move on.After all this years, it would be a lie if i tell u that wat i done most is not bcos of u. Do u know how i feel, cos i dont think u know it.But still, deep down inside, i wish tat we still remain together but would tat mean im living in a lie.


Anonymous Chris said...

Who killed your puppy when you were little?!? :D

3:10 PM  

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