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Monday, December 15, 2003

KIll me!!! there is a problem *BIG TIME*. not that we didnt saw it but simply put it, we just deny it. So, as always, i take the first initiative to speak up and apologise. I did everything, sorry, please forgive me, what happen, can we talk about it...u name it..and guess what i get in return..."SOrry, not ur fault, my fault!! what is this shit. im tryin to solve thing here not blamin u and i notice that most guy like to keep "thing" to themselve and later they will keep everything from u later avoid u. What is this so called attitude, are u tryin to be macho. Then i would most probably like to dedicate this song "SON OF A GUN" from janet jackson to u all macho-wannabe. "U probably think this song is about u, Dont u, Dont u" but guess wat, "This song is NO-WHERE u". MY GOD, shallow are u. U the MR.GOODDY GOODDY keep think of wat people said and wat people might think and u blindly accept what they say. hav u ever think of how i feel and to judge me for thing i didnt done.If i had a virgina for everytime this event happen, i probably think i need multiple version of u to fuck me up...period... One more pointer, so we always hangout together, but if u the mr>SO-SENSITIVE to think that everything tat i do is ur responsibility, then hell wit u. i dont care shit about ur responsibility. Finally, if everytime u wan to blame me for thing i do that doesnt concern u. kill me better, pleaaassseee..i beg of u.


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