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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Issit Time to Shave or DEAR GOD "Make-up"!!!

In todays market, the amount of men's beauty product is comparable to women's. Simply put it this way, the marketing people is clever enough to know that nowaday men in this era do look after their appearance. Im not complainin but curious. Men always wait for women for hour to make-up, will it be the women's turn to wait for men. I have a few guy fren that really buy tons of cosmetic just to look good and they are 100% straight (*Surprisingly). Not only that they are V.A.I.N, but they do know lot of good beauty product compare to my gal fren. The part that i hate the most is when they used the bathroom. i dunnu wat the hell they do inside, no water sound no nothin i can tell u, there are lots of cosmetic smell (Uwek). Another thing to remark, espeacially pointed to all my fren that really "Make-up"...they are soo typical. OK so they dont look good, but stupidity of them to think the miracle of make-up can hide it. COMMON people, u are not some super holliwood star...GET A LIFE!!!


Anonymous jess said...

if a guy thinks they need beauty products and it makes them feel better (like clothes to a girl) then its good they use it! as long as they don't think they're all that when they're not. as for what they do in the bathroom... maybe its better you don't find out =)

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