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Monday, December 08, 2003

Issit time to say goodbye!!!

In reality, people come and people goes. People break-up and move on with their life. For those who couldnt put down I awalys think tat it is kinda silly but i felt different when it struck me. A person who i care the most is movin away and i was left wit nothin but memories. During our time together, we share almost anything and would make million of jokes just to simply waste our time. It was a good time. Fate have brought us together but time have betray me. Trough time, our relationship bcom worst. We rarely spoke to each other and even if there is a chance to make it better, there is always some barrier that stop us. I wouldnt blame anything else but myself. I did so many thing, been too many place at the wrong time and make the wrong decision. All wat is left is i myself destroy everything and there is no way back to solve it. In few more days, the person i care the most will move on. Is this the time to say goodbye and move our own path and never look back. Will i ever move this the end.....


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