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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Friends...Worth it or not?

In every lifetime, we often seek compatibility, we seek someone who is common to us, the person who have the similar interest or topic to talk to. But then again, people is always people (that what im been told). So what is the point of having a group of friends or a best friend where it is for temporary period of time only. I dont see the point of having tons of good memories and end up suffering for seperation. People move on, people will end up going to their desire path and fren comes and fren goes. HOwever, speaking of compatibility, why do some of us force ourself to compatible to those not compatible wit us. Why care for those who didnt care about us. People always hunger for something new but do this implies for this situation. Why do we go all the trouble of making other happy but suffer for own self. Sometimes, we can turn back and try to make thing better but mostly we are not that lucky to get second chances. Sometime, the cut is too deep until there is no turning back but why do we still continue to strive or fight for what we truely believe wherelese that believe is nothin but a dream that will not come true. Are all this sacrify to keep wat we believe truly worth it. It is worth it to have a friend who you tought was something speacial to have but you are nothing toward them. In the end, why need a fren where it will only increase the amount of enemies in your own list...


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