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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Another day with ASP...

Dream....was it something that people cross over at night and gone the next day or was it something that lead people to achieve their desire dream. Well of course it all deped on the willingness of the person to do it or not. My dream was to be a designer. i like to picture myself holding firmly to the mouse like a samurai to their sword and start slashin endlessly and start paint my world with my creativity. im the type of person who would like to give people my message on how my world look like. Instead, my hand was nowhere near the mouse where else my finger was dancing walt on the keyboard itself and my mind being preoccupied with the art of war on how to solve a simple ASP coding. HOw far can i really go or have i reach the end point and nowhere to turn to. Will my mind go back to find it peace and start re-paint my world as it used to be or will it be black, empty and nothin but REGRET......


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